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Easy Blister Prevention

Easy Blister Prevention

Leaving on a vacation soon and didn’t have time to break in those new shoes? Leave the Band-Aids at home because a new study suggests there is a simple blister prevention plan that you probably haven’t considered. Surgical tape.

Before starting exercise or going for a long walk, apply surgical paper tape to the areas that are prone to blisters, according to a Stanford University Medical Center study. Dr Grant Lipman, MD, tested the technique on 128 runners by applying a single layer of the tape and monitoring the area for seven days. The results were impressive: 98 runners did not get blisters when the tape was applied, and 81 runners got blisters without the tape.

“It’s kind of a ridiculously cheap, easy method of blister prevention,” Dr Lipman said. “You can get it anywhere.” A quick Google search for “paper surgical tape” brings up several choice at various retailers.

Next time you feel your shoes rubbing sore spots in your skin, consider reaching for surgical tape.

Janel Davis Heitzmann, PT MPT CSCS

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