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Focusing on Proper Hydration

After our long, cold winter I can’t wait for the warm summer weather. If you are anything like me, you’ll be spending that time outside.

As the weather heats up so should our focus on proper hydration. A good general rule of thumb is 8 cups per day. But as we sweat we can lose 3-8 cups per hour. Now is the time to focus on increasing your water intake!

If you’re going to be exercising you’ll need to consume an extra ½ to 1 ½ cups of fluid for every 15 minutes. Sports drinks are only recommended if you will be exercising for more than 60 minutes. Otherwise, stick to water.

Need some ways to add some excitement to your plain water? Try these add in’s (courtesy of Cooking Light Magazine):

  1. Lemon or lime slices
  2. Fresh basil
  3. Fresh Ginger
  4. Cucumber slices
  5. Fruit + Mint leaves
  6. Lemon + Mango + cilantro
  7. Peach + Lemongrass
  8. Mint + Basil + Melon

Set a timer or alarm clock to help you remember to drink up. Try measuring it out and challenging yourself to meet daily goals. Or treat yourself to a new water bottle. Do whatever it takes to keep your body hydrated this summer…now get out there and have some fun!

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