Muscle Stretching Tips for Active Individuals

Stretching (flexibility) is an important part of your exercise program. Muscles and tendons are elastic in nature. When muscles are not stretched on a regular basis they can lose this elastic ability. When this occurs it not only can cause problems to the specific muscle itself but to the surrounding structures and joints, by pulling […]

Fitness Walking Tips

Fitness walking is a great way to lead a more active lifestyle. Fitness walking helps control weight, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels as well as improves cardiovascular fitness. People should treat walking like any other exercise and build endurance. Begin your program by walking at a relaxed pace for 10 minutes, working up to 20 […]

Cold Weather and Arthritis

Weather affects different people differently. With many people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, they will be stiffer in the morning and it can take them longer to get up and loosen up and loosen their joints and get going. There’s very little research showing that cold weather directly causes arthritis or alters its course. So […]

Small Weight Loss Means Big Gains

Written by Tri-Rehab staff. It’s been a few months since we all made those New Year’s Resolutions. Was your Resolution to lose weight? Feeling discouraged with only a few pounds loss? A new study is out that may give you some encouragement. Losing as little as 5 percent of body weight can improve insulin sensitivity […]

Exercise Tips During Hot and Humid Weather

Written by Tri-Rehab staff. Summer heat is here, but with some gyms and fitness centers still closed due to Covid-19 concerns, people must continue to utilize the outdoors to meet their exercise needs.  However, increasing temperatures and humidity can pose unique challenges to completing a safe and effective workout.  The warmer the temperature, the harder […]

Is “W-Sitting” really a concern?

Written by Tri-Rehab staff. Have you noticed your child or grandchild sitting on the floor with their legs in a W shape? “W sitting” orsitting with knees rotated in and feet out to either side of the body does not look like it would be acomfortable position. But for children with decreased trunk strength, it […]