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12 Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries in Your Home

Providing a safe environment for our loved ones to minimize potential falls is key to staying healthy and avoiding other health issues.

1. Be sure that all electrical and phone cords are tucked out of the way and that all throw rugs are removed.
2. Make sure the carpet is safely secured to the floor and that there are no wrinkles or raised areas.
3. Place non-skid strips on the bottom of the bathtub.
4. Be sure to sit down while shaving, brushing your teeth, styling your hair or putting on make-up. Use a tabletop mirror or a full-length mirror so you can use it while either standing or sitting.
5. Be careful when you walk from one surface to the next, for example, from a carpeted area to a tile floor.
6. When moving from a lying down position to a standing position, sit up first, rest a moment, then proceed to stand up slowly and stand a few moments before trying to walk.
7. Arrange items in your cupboards so that the frequently used items are easy to reach.
8. Make sure that all stairs and hallways are well-lit and free of clutter.
9. Be sure to always use railings when going up or down stairs. It is always a good idea to have railings on both sides. If there are no railings, place your hand along the wall as you proceed.
10. Use night lights to assist you in walking at night.
11. Sit on firm, high furniture that has armrests to assist you when standing.
12. Avoid ladders, try and have someone else get high items to

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