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10 Tips on How to Setup Your Computer Workstation for Decreased Stress and Physical Demands.

  1. Good posture. Shoulder blades should be back and not hunched and relaxed if possible.
  2. Sit up straight. Make sure that you sit tall with your weight distributed evenly on the floor.
  3.  Eyes level with the screen. Make sure the top of your head is parallel with the top of your computer screen.
  4. Appropriate arm positions. Your forearms should be parallel to the floor and the elbows at a 90 degree angle.
  5. Keep your feet flat on the ground. Make sure that your feet are touching the floor when seated.
  6. Correct mouse positioning. Place your mouse near the keyboard so you don’t have to reach for it.
  7. Rest your eyes. Look away from the computer as often as possible and focus on other objects.
  8. Take a break. Try and take a break from the computer and move around if possible every 20-30 minutes.
  9. Stretch and move. Do gentle stretches such as head turns, wrist rolls, shoulder rolls, ankles pumps up and down while seated.
  10. Watch for health problems – pay attention for signs of fatigue, increased headaches, neck or back pain.

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